Oil spices are retreating after a strong rally due to OPEC decision

Money and oil prices

Oil spices are retreating after a strong rally due to OPEC decision to cut daily oil production.Crude oil is now trading at $52.35 per barrel down almost 1% from yesterday.As said before a lot of money can be saved from lower oil prices.But winter is ahead so if you decide to trade oil futures to make money be careful.There could be a lot of volatility and profit taking investing or online trading.Have a good financial management plan.

Black Friday and money spent

Money and Black Friday

A lot of money was spent on Black Friday.As shopping offers,shopping discounts and great shopping deals were almost all over people rushed to buy goods and products or services at a huge discount and save money.This is smart and wise.But as there is always a financial decision did you make any research before just buying anything?Did you really need the new tv,smartphone or whatever else?And did you add more debt to your financial budget,even at a discount if you paid via plastic money,a credit card?

Money,online money or internet money is nice,but we must think on overall financial decisions and results.
Otherwise money on the internet via online shopping just is a transfer from consumers to merchants.

US dollar has made an impressive rally can it continue this week 21st-25th November 2016?

Money and forex market

An analysis of forex market and some financial analysis.Be careful with money and investing in the forex market.

The rally of US dollar has been impressive during last week 14th-18th November 2016. Against major currencies the dollar showed strength and significant revaluation. The EUR/USD pair closed on Friday 14th November 2016 at 1.05859 down from 1.08218 on Monday 11th November 2016. The GBP/USD pair closed the week at 1.23419 down from 1.25886 at the start of the week. And the USD/JPY pair was up to 110.853 at the end of last week from 106.806 at the start of trading week.

It is no doubt that US dollar has attracted a lot of bullish investors and the main reason for this are an imminent interest rate hike from the FED, possibly during December 2016. It is interesting that last week the current FED Chairman Mrs. Janet Yellen made some very interesting comments, which added momentum to the strength of US dollar. The first comment was that economic conditions are pointing to an interest rate hike and there is probably no reason to wait or delay that. And the second comment was that she is determined to end her elected term as FED chairman, as new US President-elect made some comments about a possibility to intervene in the current FED chairman position. We do not think that this is likely as FED has showed independence from any political parties or pressures.

With new trading, business and financial week having an official holiday for US, as on Thursday 24th November 2016 is the Thanksgiving’s celebration what can we expect about major currencies and the US dollar? First lack of liquidity during the end of the week could cause potential spikes either up or down in US related currency pairs. On Friday 25th November 2016 we have the fundamental release of JPY National Consumer Price Index, year over year change for the month of October, and also on same day the news release of GBP Gross Domestic Product, year over year change for 3rd quarter. And a few hours later an important US related fundamental news release, USD Advance Goods Trade Balance for the month of October. So with 3 major announcements on the same day Friday 25th November could be a volatile day for USD/JPY and GBP/USD.

If we add the factor that now US dollar is significant overbought against major other currencies, prudence is required as always. The trend for the US dollar so far is being revaluated against major currencies, as long this trend is dominant we can trade with the trend.

Money can impress people

Money can impress people most of the times

Money can impress people almost always.The more money someone has,the more options exist.But more money,wealth,capital does not mean automatically more appreciation.It could.Not always.People who never make a lot of money during their whole lives does not mean that they should be respected less than millionaires or even billionaires.Money is a great asset when properly used,but does not buy all things in real life or business.

Money in the stock market can come and go very easily

Money in the stock market

Money can come and go very easily at the stock market.Take the following stock market chart for example with mentioned DryShips, Inc.(NASDAQ:DRYS) stock.Yes the shipping industry has financial problems for many years but this stock activity is very strange.A spike in volume and price could make a lot of money but recently the stock has lost almost 88% of this high price of about $100 per share.This is not investing,it is gambling.And money can come and go very quickly.To make money in the stock market you need a solid investing and risk management plan.This speculative move did not last long,but could have made a lot of money in a very short time if someone could jump early in the rally.
Stock on a crazy chart

After days of sell-off crude oi rallies today

Money and oil prices

After several days of sell-off crude oil makes a strong rally today almost 5.6% at $46.43 per barrel.Gold makes a slight attempt to recover also.Will crude prices fall further or will a rebound take place?In any way it is best for consumers to have lower oil prices as you can save money and use it elsewhere from investing to spending.

Why do forecasts fail and how to make money with it

Money and finance

Why do forecasts fail and how to make money with it?
It is rather simple, you cannot predict any event with 100% accuracy.If we could we would all have tons of money from investing or trading the financial markets.Recent US election result proved it.
What is also interesting is the speed and urge of money.How much money is really enough?
The capital and financial markets reacted with a lot of volatility this first day of US election result.A lot of money was made and lost as volatility is bot good and bad for sound money management.

Forex analysis of GBP/USD before US elections

Money and forex market

Last week we made the analysis on forex market and GBP/USD pair.Our financial analysis was published at http://www.investing.com/analysis/gbp-usd-now-at-1.2530-can-it-go-higher-200162893.Today we had a huge gap and so far our analysis is correct.Nevertheless to make money in the forex market is very risky.As tomorrow we are waiting for the US elections outcome volatility may be present.So be cautious as always and apply very good risk management to make money or not lose a lot of money.It is always a good idea to apply good financial management.

Money in your wallet

Money and finance

We all need money in our wallet,the more money the better.Money is very important for personal finance.But what are some items to not have in your wallet?
Yes most of them are bad ideas to keep in your wallet like checks,passwords and especially multiple credit cards.Have one credit card,in most cases it is enough to pay any bills or purchases.Although plastic money is too expensive and dangerous for personal finance if it goes out of control.